Advent Calendars since 1945

Traditions made by Richard Sellmer

We have been producing Advent Calendars since 1945 - the oldest publishing house for Advent Calendars in the world. We therfore have a wealth of traditional designs. From our archives we have re-produced several Antique designs. Partly produced in handwork.
These are very special Advent Calendars - a "Must have" for every collector.

Buy antique designs :

Advent Calendar No. 934 A freestanding Advent Calendar Crib. A Christmas decoration you will love. Re-Print from 1965. 12.90 USD (plus shipping)

Advent Calendar No. 40 A freestanding Village Scene Advent Calendar with a threedimensional chapel. A re-print from 1956 12.90 USD (plus shipping)

Advent Calendar No. 930 Our second Advent Calendar "Cathedral Place" from 1947. 11.95 USD (plus shipping)

Advent Calendar 110 A beautiful Old-World Village Scene from 1958. 11.95 USD (plus shipping)

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Advent Calendars are a great gift for your friends and loved ones.