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The first Advent Calendar after the war: "Litle Town"
1946 Richard Sellmer Verlag
A German, English and Swedish Version was printed

Welcome Santa Claus
and Carols Advent - DIN A 4 -
Also one of the first Advent
Calendars after the war.
Richard Sellmer Verlag
in the 40ies.


Richard Sellmer Verlag 1955
Kulisse I. A re-print is available
here. Please see our online-shop.
Advent Calendar with several sceneries. This product was totally produced by handwork.


Advent Calendar with several sceneries in which little windows could be opened. -
as above name :Kulisse II - Richard Sellmer Verlag 1952

Advent Calendar as a lamp-shade with doors to open.
1952 Richard Sellmer Verlag.
The Calender began to turn due to the heat of the bulb.


Advent Calendar "Calwer-Brücke"-a Swabian Village - with a long scenery.
1955 Richard Sellmer Verlag


Advent Calendar Old-Town, with several sceneries.
similar to above Kulisse I and II
Richard Sellmer Verlag in the 50th


Village Chappel, with a three-dimensional shrine
Richard Sellmer Verlag in the 50th.


Advent Calendar White House
Richard Sellmer Verlag in the 50th
This Calendar was presented as a gift to Mr. Bill Clinton in 1997
so we got again a letter of thanks from the White House .

Advent Calendar Chappel Place in the evening.
With a three-dimensional Chappel with columns and a transparent shrine.
Richard Sellmer in the 50th.


Advent Calendar Windmill


Advent Calendar Barock-House
with cutted roof, 38 x 27 cm
Richard Sellmer Verlag at the end of the 50th.

Advent Calendar Flower House
Printed in six colours offset. Beam 40 cm
Height 28 cm - cutted
Richard Sellmer Verlag in the 60th


Advent Calendar Bretagne with scenery.
Richard Sellmer Verlag in the 60th.

Advent Calendar "Peter and the Wolf "
created from the designer of the book.
The Calendar is cutted very costly and printed
in the colours black white and red only.
"Surely the only black and white Calendar
which was ever printed."
Richard Sellmer Verlag mid of the 60th.

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